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Stripped is a raw, emotional and revealing exploration of love. The pieces revolve around three distinct themes. The first highlights the everyday experiences of love that people have come to expect. These range from inexplicable longing to unrequited love to unstated hypocrisy and contrary behaviour. The second theme exposes the softer, more sensual side of the loving experience. Enjoying the presence of a loved one, recognizing their impact on our life and revelling in bliss one gets in a healthy partnership. The final theme explores visions of sex as seen through the eyes of both giver and receiver and highlights the fun, humour, delight and natural high expressed and conveyed in the act itself.


Ty s writing spans the world of experience. His thoughts and stories are heavily influenced by the experiences of his friends and family. Poetry offers not only a personal adventure, therapeutic release and safe haven, but also a means of expressing that which cannot be said for those who feel they lack the words. 

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